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Playname: Focus drill
With this drill you warm up with passing, back to front pivot ball sweep, triple threat, fake pass to set up cut, touch pass back, dribbling around picks right and left hand, to taking shot off of pick, boxing out all under 1 minute.

I am currently using this drill with 10, 11 year old girls. I gave it to them in stages. We are currently under 1:10 , looking better all the time.
10 to 12 players-matching up positions.
spaced key width apart.
Start at baseline with 2 balls, they pick the pass (bounce, chest). The rest deliver what ever pass they receive.
When the ball gets to half court.
The players pivot away from basket (stress teamwork have them wait and do this together until they get it down). Then you can turn this into a race for fun) The next (2) moves up to defend, everyone else moves up one slot.
When both are in  position to start it goes like this:

1. Pivot toward basket using strong ball sweep from HEAD TO HIP ending in triple threat position. (STRESS sweep must be within their space, arms cannot be extended)
2. With  (2) playing close defense, fake high pass making defender tall step right or left giving bounce pass to (3). Immediately stepping out after pass to receive touch pass right back.
3. Dribble weave around 1st pick (4) , taking shot around 2nd pick (5). (STRESS switching hands keeping ball between their body and defender. Teach proper way to set pick)
4. After (1)'s takes shots (5)'s box out (1)'s rebound pivot deliver ball to (4)'s.
5. (4)'s give the ball back to (1)'s who start passes from the baseline.
Believe it or not this can be done with 10 girls in under 1 minute. Give it to them in stages, you can see how easily it can be broken down.
When it is all together it not only teaches all fundamentals it makes them think about the skills they will need going into the game.
It will make them focus without even realizing it.
I've had several people approach me about this drill, so here it is.

                 Wes Steinacker
That's all folks !
Its easy !
Its fun to watch when they start clicking at a good speed !!

Please don not give up on fundamentals done correctly for speed.
I Believe you will agree the skill levels of these kids is so important, lets treat it as so.

Submitted by: Wes Steinacker
Category: Warming up
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