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Offense flex
Playname: Grey - flex entry
1 man passes to the 3 man then cuts to the basket off a screen set by the 5 man.
The 2 and 4 man set a stagger screen for the one man who rolls around it towards the foul line.
3 man looks for the pass to the 1 man for a jump shot while the 5 man sets a back screen for the 3 man.

While this is happening the 4 and 2 men flare out to the foul line extended and the wing.
3 man comes off the screen and heads to the basket looking for the pass from the 1 man if it isn't there he the goes to the block opposite side to the ball.
If the pass isn't there the one man backs out to the elbow extended same side as the 3 man on the block and the 2 man goes to the opposite elbow extended.

Then we are in the set for flex.
Submitted by: Brodie Martin
Category: Offense flex
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