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Offense flex
Playname: Kennys flex
Flex offense is based on getting players moving around.
1 dribbles in and sends ball over to 2 while 4 kicks out and 5 sets a screen for 3.
Keys to success:
- set good screens
- don't set screen too soon
- ball fake before pass
- low player's ability to finish under pressure
2 passes the ball down to 4 and makes a basket cut before setting a screen for 1
4 is looking for 3 as he is cutting across the key.
A quick pass down low should allow 3 an easy basket.
1 is free for a reverse pass if 3 is heavily guarded or double-teamed. Or 1 could use the screen and cut toward the basket for a short feed from 3.
Double Down Option:
1 and 2 set double screen for 3 who circles to the elbow for a quick shot.
Once the ball goes back to 1 the play is ready to be reset from the opposite side.
Submitted by: Kenny Toews
Category: Offense flex
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