Basketball plays and drills
Offense motion
Playname: High posts to motion
Player 1 dribbles towards player to provide screen (04).

04 cuts to set a screen for 05.
05 moves around screen and cuts straight to basket, showing target hands.

01 passes to 05 for a lay-up or swings ball to 03.
05 posts up on weak-side.

04 cuts through key to ball side post.
01 after passing to 03, moves to provide screen for 02 who cuts to foul line for a jump shot.

04 & 05 are in rebounding positions and should box out.
If 02 cannot receive ball, they cut high to receive the ball.

04 and 05 can move to high post to run again or cut outside to move into motion.
Submitted by: David Roberts
Category: Offense motion
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