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Playname: Indiana
Man to Man Motion Offense (Will also work on a 3-2 Zone Defense [Find gaps in zone and go there])
1 is the Point Guard, 2 is the Off Guard, 3 is the Small Forward, 4 is the Power Forward, 5 is the Center.
1 decides which side of the floor to go to and then 4 and 5 go and set picks for 2 and 3.
Option 1:
1 Passes to 2 for a jump shot.
Option 2:
If 2 is not open for a jump shot he looks low to 4 for a post up.
Option 3:
After 1 passes to 2 he sets a cross screen for 3 who cuts across the free throw lane looking for a jump shot. After setting the screen 1 rolls back out as a defensive safety for the fast break.
Option 4:
3 Drives to the basket for a lay up. 4 & 5 are in good rebounding position.
Option 5:
3 looks for 4 & 5 opening up to the ball.
Reset the offense and start again.
Submitted by: Keith Evans
Category: Offense motion
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