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Offense special
Playname: Hunter press break drill
Hunter Drill - Full court sideline action

Respectively, 1 and 5 pass the ball in, cut to low block then back toward the ball as a pressure release.  Should not go higher than the bottom of the free-throw circle.
2 and 6 fake a cross screen, then cut hard to receive the ball from 1 and 5.
2 and 6 pivot and pass to 3 and 7.
3 and 7 pivot and pass to 4 and 8.
4 and 8 pivot and drive hard to the basket.

1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 3, 3 becomes 4... etc.

Work the drill going both right and left.  Practise reverse pivots, ripping the ball through, staying low, faking passes and driving either down the middle or baseline.

Good to use as a warm-up drill.
Submitted by: Curtis Perry
Categories: Offense special, Warming up
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