Basketball plays and drills
Offense special
Playname: Press break (baseline bomb)
After scoring the defense sets up a press.
This is a play to inbound the ball.
4 and 5 go for a screen on 1 and 2.
Only 4 makes a fake screen and cuts back behind the baseline.
1 cuts towards the ball.
4 cuts behind the baseline.
Player 3 has two options:
Pass to player 1 or to player 4.
If player 1 is not free the pass goes to player 4.
When passing to player 4, player 3 must make sure that player 4 is completely out of bounds; otherwise the ball is turned over.
Note that this is only allowed after the opponent made a basket.
When the ball is at player 4.
3 sets a screen for player 1 who cuts to the ball.
5 cuts towards the offensive half.
2 v-cuts towards the ball.
Submitted by: Josh & Amanda
Category: Offense special
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