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Playname: Kross drill
Kross drill is a combo drill of shooting, passing, lay-ups, and fast break. But most important to improve the concentration of players.

Minimum players: 7.
Balls: 5.

The drill starts with P1(standing behind base line) passing the ball to P2. P1 hustle towards mid court, and receives the pass from P2 by 3-point arc.

P3 runs down the corridor. P1 passes P3, who takes the easy lay-up.
After P2 has passed the ball to P1, he/she
goes behind P1, to the opposite wing on the opposite side of the court.
P1 continues on the same side to receive the pass from P4.
P1 and P2 shoots, and rebounds.
Now the same thing happens on the way back with P3 taking P1's role, and P5/P6 steps in.
P3 and P5 take the shot, and rebounds.
P1 and P2 go to separate wings.
The drill continues the same way (with the one making the lay-up starting a play in the opposite direction).
Note: The middle ball moves up and down the court. Side balls' stay on their side of the court.
In the beginning when this play is new for the players, to make it less confusing, make sure the first lay-out pass is always done to the right side.
Submitted by: Patrik Johansen
Category: Shooting
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