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Defense press
Playname: Man to man zone [full court]
We call this a man to man zone because we start out man to man and then switch to a zone press. Note how we have matched up with the offensive players. The (4) is on the ball. His goal is to make the person taking the ball out of bounds throw the ball to the nearest corner.
The (3) and (2) guard the two players that are the closest to the endline. They must make sure that any ball is caught in front to them.
The (1) takes the man in the middle and the (5) takes the deep man.
Once the ball comes in bounds the (4) leaves his man and helps double team the ball. (in this case the ball went in the corner to (3)'s man). They cannot let the man with the ball dribble down the sideline or between them.
(2) will leave his man and go to the lane and looks to intercept the pass coming into the paint area or back to (1)
The (1) moves to the side where the ball is and looks for a pass down the side. The (1) or (2) can intercept any pass thrown between them.
The (5) moves to the same side the ball is on.
In this case the (1) has jumped in looking for the pass only to be picked up by the (2).
Note how the offense changed and put two players back. We still match up man to man. The (4) again set up to prevent a pass to the far corner.
The ball goes to the corner and the (4) double teams with the (2). The (3) now leaves his man and comes to the lane to guard that area.
Because they had two man back the (5) moves down to guard the pass down the court and the (1) moves over to side of the court where the ball is located.
The (1) steps in and the (3) moves down to intercept.
The (5) and (3) are also looking to intercept any pass between them.
Once you match up with a player you stay with the until the ball goes in bounds.
As you can see the players break out of a stack.
Everyone stays with their man making sure that they do not get behind them.

Submitted by: J. Michael Ranson
Category: Defense press
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