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Playname: White press 2-1-1-1
Here, we have a press (2-1-1-1) that is our main source for our points. Although this is just the main setup, it is not that different from the game!!!

As you see here, there are 8 people on offense, but they don't do much, and 5 people on defense.

• O1 passes to O2.
• D1 traps O2 with the help of D3.
• D2 just covers the middle..
• O1 comes out of inbounding..
• O2 then passes to O5.
• D3 follows to trap again: D5 comes up with him.
• D4 drops back and covers the closest block.
• D2 drops back and covers the closest elbow.
• D1 covers O1 from getting the ball.
• O5 passes to O7.
• D5 follows and traps with D4.
• D2 drops to the block.
• D3 get the elbow.
• D1 gets the help side.

Now they don't have anywhere else to go.
Except maybe pass it, which will be kind of hard!!!
Submitted by: WassUP!!23 Rodriquez
Category: Defense press
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