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Offense motion
Playname: Motion
Player 1 (Point Guard) yells out "Motion" as
he crosses half court.  He yells "Go" to start
the play
Players 2 & 3 uses Players 4 & 5 as picks as they move toward the corner's of the three
point line to receive the ball.  In this example,
the pass goes to Player 3.
Player 3 initially looks for Player 5.  If the
pass isn't there, Player 5 moves over to set
pick against the player defending Player 4.
Player 4 uses the pick, cutting across the
paint looking for a pass from Player 3.  At the
same time, Player 1 moves over to set a pick
on player guarding Player 2.
Player 2 uses pick set by Player 1 and
moves to the top of the key to receive pass
from Player 3.
Player 2 yell's "Down Screen" and Player's 1
& 3 go down to set picks for Player's 5 & 4
Player 2 can pass to either Player 4 or 5.  In
this example the pass goes to Player 4.
Player looks to pass down to Player 3.  If
pass is not available, Player 3 set's a pick on
player defending Player 1.
Player looks to pass to Player 1 cutting
across the paint.  At the same time, Player 2
sets a pick on player defending Player 5.

As you can see, after the initial setup the play continues in the same manner.

The play can run either to the right or the left.
What has to be remembered is that when the
balls is at the wing the player posting down
load has to set the pick opposite the ball.
Alternative -

Play can start with Player's 2 & 3 crossing
each other at the bottom of the paint, moving
to the opposite wings.

We call this play "Motion 2".  It works well
when the defense over plays the player
popping to the wings.  I also teach the kids to
cut back toward the basket when they're being over played.

This plays requires that every player at some
point play every position, so center's and
forward's must adjust to playing out on the
wing and at the top of the key.

I emphasize to the kids that:
-They shouldn't move until after the picks are
- The wing players always look to pass to the
post before passing back to the top of the key.
- If at any point in the offense, you have an
opportunity to drive to the basket, then do so.
Young kids are so focused on running the
offense they forget to look for easy baskets.
Submitted by: John Hinton
Category: Offense motion
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