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Playname: Key motion offense
The Key Motion Offense:

The key to this offense is the motion off the top of the Key by the Point Guard.
When the Point Guard takes an Elbow from the top of the key the play starts.

The Shooting Guard will fill the Guard position after the Point Guard takes an Elbow on his side.

The Center will Pick and replace with the Power Forward from the other Elbow.
The Small Forward will then go Back Door on the weak side of the floor.
This Key formation is the primary offensive plan for high percentage scoring close to the basket.

You got now pass options to:
• The power forward
• The small forward
• The center
On the Drive Option from the Point Guard the Center will Pick for the Drive.

If the play is inversed the Small Forward would then Pick for the Drive.

Like wise the Shooting Guard would Go Back Door and the Small Forward would Fill Guard on the inverse.

The Point Guard will Score off the Drive and Pick from the Center.
Submitted by: Nesby Mitchell
Category: Offense motion
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