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Playname: Motion with screens
Screening techniques must be sound for the efficient execution of screening options in a motion offense.
Points of emphasis for setting effectives screens include:
- Visual cue
- Verbal cue
- Jump Stop
- Wide and Strong base
- Hand positions
- Screeners = Receivers
There are five types of screens that may be used in motion offense, these include, Down, Up, Back, Across and the On Ball.
There are various cuts you can accomplish off the screen, these include, curl, straight, back and flare.
Remember it is better to cut late of a screen than early.
1 sets a down screen on the perimeter for 2 after passing the ball to 3.
Screening angle: Back to the ball
Run to Set, Walk to get
Change of pace off screen
Rub Shoulder to shoulder with the screener, no gaps.
Offense should read the defense before cutting, ie. If the D is low on the screen go high and vice versa.
2 Sets an up screen on the perimeter for 1 after 1 has passed to 3.
When the screen is set #1 should "Catch Fake" (show hands high) to make the defense play him then cut.
Remember the POE's and the screener has to remember to open up to the ball after the cut and D has gone.
Screening Angle: Back to the baseline corner of the court.
Any screen set from the key out to the perimeter.
5 steps out from the key to set a backscreen on 3.
3 must wait because if he cuts too early it will clutter up the edge of the key.
Remember POE's.
Screening Angle: Back to the basket.
5 moves across the key to set a screen for 4.
90% of the time you will go over the top on this screen.
This forces the defense to switch and will allow 5 to open up inside and get an inside seal on the defense 4.
Screen Angle: back to ball side elbow.
The On Ball screen occurs on the perimter and is often called the 2 man game.
The screening angle normally determines the direction the ball carries will go and the screener will open up and roll in the opposite direction.
The diagram beside shows two options.
Submitted by: Danny Breen based on notes from Pat Hunt
Category: Offense motion
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