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Offense motion
Playname: Notes on motion
When using an offene based on "motion rules" there are a few principles that need to be applied to ensure the best possible results.
- Score
- Ball reversal/movement
- Player movement
- Get inside the key (pass or dribble)
- post cutting rules
- spacing
- and receivers
The receiver spots are shown above by the "X", they are inside the key at the elbow and also at the edge of the backboard.
With all penetration into the key in motion we must get two receivers, 1 defensive safety and 1 player spotting up opposite.
If you are below the # mark you will always fill a receiver spot unless their is a post position filled on your side of the floor.
Setup 1.
#3 has penetration from the wing.
#5 and #2 will fill the two receiver spots.
#1 will become the defensive safety and #4 remains in place to spot up opposite.
Setup 2.
# 1 has penetration at the elbow.
#5 and #3 now get to the two receiver spots.
# 2 spots up opposite while # 4 fills in as the defensive safety.
#4 does have a lot of court to cover but as there they are on a post filled side they cannot be a receiver.
Setup 3.
#4 has penetration at the elbow.
#1 fills in as the defensive safety.
#2 slides down to spot up opposite.
And #3 and #5 become receivers.
High Post Series # 1.
#5 flashes high and receives a pass from #1.
#4 will backcut and #1 will fill in at the wing to balance out the floor.
High Post Series # 2.
#5 flashes to the high post and receives the pass from #1.
#1 now cuts hard to the basket and can either cut out weakside or replace at the ballside wing.
#4 fills in for #1 at the point to keep the floor balanced.
Low Post Series # 1.
#4 feeds the ball into the low post (#5).
#1 now cuts hard to the basket and will cut out to the weakside.
#4 fills in at the point for #1 and balances out the floor.
Low Post Series 2.
#4 feeds the ball into the post (#5) and cuts hard to the basket.
#1 fills in at the wing at #4's original position.
Submitted by: Danny Breen based on notes from Pat Hunt
Category: Offense motion
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