Basketball plays and drills
Offense zone
Playname: Ohio (number series)
This is a set play against a 2-3 or 2-1-2 zone.
When Player's uniform # or some other identifying name is called - they are going to overload.
We begin by passing ball to their side, then swinging back to the side we are overloading.
(2) is going to be the player identified.
1. (1) passes ball to (2) and steps toward ball.
2. (4) steps out toward short corner (outside of defense.)
3. (2) passes ball back to (1) and goes through.
1. (1) swings ball to (3)
2. (5) after (2) passes him goes to high post.
3. (4) sets screen on defender, then drop-steps to basket.
4. (2) looks to catch and shoot.
5. (3) looks to pass
a) (2) in corner
b) (4) in low post, or
c) (5) coming to high post.
When leaving # series, we have two choices:
1. Go back to regular Ohio (do this by (3) getting ball and dribbling to top of key - everybody follows.)
2. Calling "Reverse" -
(5) moves back to weak side short corner and screens in.
(4) goes to high post
(2) goes through to opposite corner
(1) steps out to catch ball and ball is swung from (2) --> (3) --> (1) -->(2).
Submitted by: Rhett Beverly
Category: Offense zone
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