Basketball plays and drills
Offense zone
Playname: Olympiacos # 12 zone
Olympiacos 2009-2010
# 12 zone

Papaloukas, Chidress play baseline.

Guard passes to 2.

2 passes back.

Guard passes to 4.

4 looks to pass to 3 at the low post.
Pass to 3 not possible.

4 passes back to the guard, at the same time 5 sets a screen on the top defender to get 2 free.

1 passes to 2.
2 passes to 3 on the basline.

4 cuts to the corner of the bucket, 5 rolls but stays in position.

1 makes sure that 2 can pass back if needed.
3 has the ball with 4 passing options.
Submitted by: Roman Tymanski
Category: Offense zone
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