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Playname: On the rack
On the Rack Shooting

This is a fun shooting game.

Each athlete selects a spot around the 3-point line. Once a spot is selected, the athlete cannot move from their spot.

Each athlete commences the game with 3 points. The aim of the game is to keep your score in the positive as if your score hits zero you are out of the game!

General Rules:
• Each player only takes one shot per "go"
• After a player has lost points for missing a shot, the score goes back "0 on the rack"
An example of the game:
• If player 1 makes their shot, the ball goes to player 2 for a shot. Because the basketball counted, there is "1 on the rack" so if player 2 missed their shot, they lose one point and their score becomes 2.

• However,
• If player 2 makes the shot, there are now "2 on the rack", so if player 3 misses their shot they lose 2 points or if they make their shot, there are "3 on the rack", placing 4 in a sudden death situation - if they miss their shot they lose all 3 points and are out of the game.

Variation: When a player's score becomes 0, they can remain in the game by scoring a half court shot and re-enter the game with a score of 3.
Submitted by: Matthew Dunstan
Category: Shooting
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