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Playname: Penguins circles
This is a conditioning, passing and shooting drill

• Two lines of players at the opposite corners of the court, each has the ball.
• Two passers at the top of the key.
• The circle is marked with pylons.
• The drill begins with the pass from wing player to the middle player.
While running to the opposite side of the court, the passer and the first player in each line are passing the ball to each other.
Keep the appropriate distance between players.
Do not pass behind the receiver!
Take a look at the basket while passing.
Passing techniques are always very important!
Last pass from the middle to the side must be at the three point line.
Side player goes for a layup, jump-stop shot etc.
Passer runs around the pylon and begins a second half of the circle!
Stay concentrated and be prepared to begin the drill as soon as the passer is facing you!
As soon as middle player or passer reaches the top of the key the drill begins for the next players in row. (#3)
Previous players are joining the opposite row.
Next player in wing line replace the passer after elapsed time or number of circles required!
You can also change a direction of passing.

You can use various techniques of passing, shooting etc.
Intensity is marked with number of laps, or baskets made in one minute, with number of passes allowed to reach the other side of the court, you can increase the number of passers.
You can use various directions (clockwise), backward moving.....
Try not to stop this drill as long as possible.
Submitted by: Aljosa Sip
Category: Conditioning
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