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Playname: Piggy-in-the-middle
This drill is used to teach close-outs, defending the non-pivot foot and stepping into the offensive player if the ball is raised over the head.

The ball is passed between the two outside players.  The piggy-in-the-middle tries to get a deflection in the first instance.
Once the ball is passed, the defender must close-out staying low.  The offensive player initially, must catch the ball on a two-step count... 1,2.  This is to teach the defense to attack and straddle the lead foot... the non-pivot foot.   As the defender nears the offense, he/she throws both hands in the air, at the same time staying low.  The last few steps are either stutter steps or bunny-hops, but the defense must approach the lead foot and straddle it with both of their feet.

The defense goes over and back, then the original passer goes becomes the piggy-in-the-middle on the third pass.
Offense uses these progressions on the coach's command:
1) Just catches the ball in a two-step count.  Defense straddles the lead foot.
2) Catches in two-step count, can pivot.  Defense must cover each pivot, straddling the lead foot.
3) Catch, pivot, then hold the ball over the head.   Defense comes "IN" when the ball goes over the head staying low with one arm in an arm-bar on the offensive person's chest, the other up mirroring the ball.  Defense does NOT stand UP.
4) Catch, pivot, hold ball up then take one power dribble. Defense must go IN when the ball is held UP then quickly give space back when the offense dribbles, staying about an arm's distance away depending on the defensive players quickness.
Submitted by: Curtis Perry
Category: Defense
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