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Playname: Post play motion
3 Man Motion Principles for the Big Man

Post Motion Play - Quarter Court
(These drills can be set up using three post players or two post players and a guard.)

Player 3 starts at the high post, and then cuts toward the basket, looking for the lob pass from player 1.
As player 1 passes to 2, player 3 cuts to the low post and seals down to receive the ball.
Player 2 then passes the ball to player 3 who does a post move:

1. backs in and scores
2. squares (or pops) up and bank shot
3. hook shot from middle.

Player 3 may also look to hit player 1 cutting down middle of the floor

Player 2 needs to relocate to take away defence to allow player 3 to go to work on the post.

Player 3 may also look to hit player 2 on the wing for an outside option.

Player 2 sets screen for player 3 who rolls high to wing.
Player 1 passes to player 3 then looks to relocate (V-Cut)

Player 3 looks to shoot the 3, or:
1. feed player 2 in the post
2. dribble penetration
3. reverse the ball to 1
4. player 2 sets the on-ball and we are in loops
Example shown:
Player 1 relocates and player 2 sets the on-ball screen (Loops).
Player 1 needs to complete his Curl cut and pop back out to the top - might then cut down the key for the lob pass.
LO-HI PASS ENTRY (Screening)

Player 2 sets the screen for player 3.

Player 3 reads the defense then pops to the high post (may also open up middle for down the line pass).
Player 1 passes to player 3 who goes to work from the high post.

Player 1 can:
1. Stay safety
2. Pick and Roll off the high post
3. Set a down screen for player 2

Player 3 can:
1. Jump shot from the elbow
2. hit 2 on the wing or mid-range for a jump shot
In this option,

player 1 sets the down screen for player 2 who rolls off the screen and heads to the basket.

Player 3 hits player 2 with the pass inside.
Submitted by: Steve Craig
Category: Big man drills
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