Basketball plays and drills
Offense special
Playname: Press break blue
1 takes the inbound pass.

3 and 2 split the sides of the court.

4 and 5 at mid court.
1 throws it to either side hopefully to the 3..., as 4 is usually a better ball handler then 5.
Opposite side player from half court comes up to the middle.

2 flies.

1 plays trailer.

5 goes deep.
3 can:

• take the ball up the court.

• throw it to 4.

• or reverse it to 1
4 can:

• throw it back to 1.

• dribble it up the court.

• throw it to 3 or throw it to 2, i.e: the 4 is very important...
While bringing the ball up-court 4 can always pass to either 3 or 1.
Submitted by: Drew Allen
Category: Offense special
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