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Playname: Press break set 12
Basic set.
3 throws the ball inbounds.  1 and 2 are the wings, 4 and 5 are aligned at half court.

1 and 2 may stack at the elbow and break to get open, they may align at the elbows and screen for each other or any other way to get open.

1 and 2 break.  3 passes the ball to 2.  This starts the post movement.  If the ball is entered on your side you go deep.  If the ball is entered away, you stay.

2's 1st option is the baseball pass to 4 deep.
Most of the time that will not be there but 4 should still go deep to occupy the defense.

Since 1 didn't get the inbounds she breaks at a 45* angle to the middle.  This is the second option.  

We feel if we can get the ball to the middle we can break the press.  The key to breaking the press is good spacing and angles.
After inbounding the ball 3 steps inbounds to be the trailer.

The third option is to hit the trailer.  The trailer will then look for 1 breaking up for the ball.

It is important for 1 to keep moving toward the ball while she is in the middle.  If 3 passes to 1 we should be able to break the press.
The fourth option is for the trailer to swing the ball around the horn to 5 who is breaking up to the old time line.

3 passes to 1 who should be open breaking in the middle.

When 1 gets the ball she should normally go to the right elbow.  But since the ball has been reversed to the other side of the court she should take it to the left elbow. This will make more since later.
When 2 receives the inbound pass her final option is the skip pass to 5 at the time line.  

If she is double teamed and 1, 3, and 4 are all covered there is no one left for the skip pass.

2 skip passes to 5 who passes to 1 for the break.
Once we have the press beaten by getting the ball in the middle we want to attack their press to see if we can get an easy basket.

If one gets the pass in the middle from 2 or 3 she will take the ball to the right elbow.  

If this is the case, 4 will be on the right block, 5 will sprint to the left block, and 3 will sprint to the opposite (left) elbow.

Since 2 made the pass to the middle she has floor balance.

Whoever makes the pass to the middle has floor balance.
If the ball has been reversed to the opposite side and then passed to the middle, 1 would take the ball to the left elbow.

4 will cross over.  Whoever is deep always goes to the ball side block.

2 would fill on the right block.
3 goes to the right elbow.
5 has floor balance since she made the pass to the middle.
Submitted by: W.T. Tonto
Category: Offense special
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