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Playname: Sheridan drill
Sheridan drill

A warming up or conditioning drill, with
Alternating periods of intensity

Possible focus points:
* outlet pass
* spacing (keep the fast break in mind)
* One tell stop
* chest pass (2 hands,...)

1 shot + rebound
1 gives an outlet pass to 2
1 goes behind  2 over the side line

Points of focus:
* Catch the ball at its highest point
* Don't bring the ball down
* Pivot
2 passes to  3
3 dribbles to the 3 point line and makes a jump stop.
3 passes to  1

focus points:
* 3 makes a one tell stop
* 1 stays at the side line until he reaches the extended free throw line, at that moment he goes to the basket under an angle of  45\'b0 (spacing principal)
* 3 passes in front of  1
1 takes the lay-up (or a short jumper)

3 rebounds the ball.

2 takes the pace of 3.

1 joins the group at the side line.
3 rebounds and gives the outlet pass to 4

3 goes behind 4 and follows the side line.
4 passes to 5

3 continues along the side line until the extended free throw line. Then 3 cuts to the basket under an angle of  45\'b0.
5 dribbles to the 4 point line and makes a jump stop.
5 passes to 3.

3 makes the lay-up.

Add more balls when the players understand the drill.
Submitted by: Christophe Verbeke
Category: Conditioning
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