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Playname: Sheridan drill 2
Submitted by Edwin Jespers
               Barons Basketball
               The Netherlands

This is and all round drill to improve all skills one needs in the game of basketball :
passing, outlet, dribbling, rebounding, lay-up, etc.
Also helps to improve the overall conditioning

8 players or more

1 en 2 both have a ball in the bucket
1 passes to 3  (outlet)
2 passes to 4  (outlet)
3 passes to 5 (midcourt)
4 passes to 6 (midcourt)
1 and 2 run after their ball in the direction of the 3pt line/sideline.

3 and 4 run towards the mid court line and wait before the line (learn to not make crossing) inside the circle.
1 and 2 sprint towards the basket at the other side of the court.

5 and 6 dribble the ball towards the bucket. (outside the 3 seconds area)
5 passes to 1
6 passes to 2

Both 1 and 2 run a lay-up preferably without a dribble.

5 and 6 go for the rebound

1 and 2 queue behind 7 and 8
5 passes to 8 (outlet)
6 passes to 7 (outlet)
8 passes to 4
7 passes to 3

5 and 6 sprint via the sideline (L-or reversed 7 shape) towards the other basket.
3 and 4 dribble towards the free throw-line.

7and 8 run towards the mid court line.

3 and 4 wait in front of the free throw line avoiding a 3 sec violation
6 gets the pass from 3
5 gets the pass from 4

5 and 6 lay-up

3 and 4 rebound

5 and 6 queue behind 1 and 2

And the play goes on and on.

One can also run the play in the other direction to practice the left hand dribble and catch.
Submitted by: Edwin jespers
Category: Conditioning
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