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Playname: Shot basics
6 or more players each player in the corner has a ball.

Player 6 passes to player 1.

Player 1 steps in if he/she is right handed the left leg goes first. Check if his/hers legs are already bend.

He/she catches the ball with the right hand palm facing the ball. So he/she doesn't have to make strange turns with the ball when going up (also this is the triple threat position).

The right leg follows through so this leg is slightly in front of the left leg. The player makes the jump shot, and doesn't go after the ball but finishes the shot with a good (freezed) follow through.
Check if the left hand is only used for balancing the ball and if it doesn't move in a strange way after the shot is released. The left arm should be freezed too.

Player 4 takes the rebound and goes to the passing group.

Player 1 goes to the rebound group and player 6 to the shooting group.

Pass the ball from the other side.

Will put some other points in a future drill.
Submitted by: Jes-Soft
Category: Shooting
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