Basketball plays and drills
Playname: Shot basics 2
6 players or more each player at the mid line has a ball.

Player 6 passes to player 1 who takes the jump shot.

After the shot player 1 goes to the rebound row. Player 6 to the shooting row and player 4 dribbles to the midline

Coaching points:
1) For right handed player: Right foot is the lead foot
2) Toe to Target
3) Make sure you face the basket with the whole front of your body
4) Shooting hand in center of ball
5) Use finger tips and pads to rest the ball on, there should be about two fingers room between hand and ball
6) Turn your Wrist until the Wrinkle start
7) Bent through your knees, make sure you are already low when walking into the pass
8) Hand in Hoop
9) Follow through, Elbow above Eyebrow
10) Freeze the Follow through, going for the rebound straight after your shot will destroy your balance

Take the shot from the other side
Or after a shot fake, with a shot fake only move the upper part of the body not the legs
Submitted by: Jes-Soft
Category: Shooting
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