Basketball plays and drills
Offense zone
Playname: Side overcurl 4-1
This play is designed to get the 2 big men in the post with the point guard making the post pass or drive to the basket.

Play starts with a dribble hand-off between 1 and 4.
4 passes to 2 and 2 passes to 3.

The moment 2 passes to 3, 4 cuts hard to the elbow.
4 goes to the low post taking the defense with him.

1 cuts to the middle and receives a pass from 3.
Defense is focused on 1, 3 and 4.  So 5 should be free or 1 has an easy jumper.

In this case 1 passes to 5 for at lay-up.

(Part of the Morgan zone offense).
Submitted by: Scott Cameron
Category: Offense zone
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