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Offense zone
Playname: Singleton zone offense
Offense against a 2-1-2 zone.
The guard has chosen a side, and 4 is on the free throw line.
4 cut towards the ball side corner using a screen of 5.
After setting the screen 5 will roll and post up.
3 goes towards the top of the bucket on the ball side.
1 has 3 passing options on the strong side.
But chooses to play the skip pass to 2.
At the same time 3 cuts towards the weak side corner.
5 fakes to the middle and takes the low post on the weak side.
4 goes to the high post on the weak side.
Ball side has become the strong side again.
2 has now the same passing options as 1 a few seconds ago.
Submitted by: Thijs Lohuis
Category: Offense zone
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