Basketball plays and drills
Secondary break
Playname: Sjb secondary break 1
Use same break against man or zone defense.
Continuation offense/five passes-creates structure and shot selection.
Floor balance:
Player #1 Players # 2&3 interchangeable and Players #4&5 interchangeable.
After a Rebound:
Player 1 comes back to receive outlet pass from 4 or 5.
Players 2 and 3 fill outside lanes.
Player 4 or 5 that does not rebound goes to low block ball side.
Player 4 or 5 that rebounds trailer.
After a rebound:
Outlet made to Player 1.
Players 2 and 3 fill outside lanes.
Player 5 sprints to low block on ball side.
Player positions to start half court offense.
Players 2 and 3 change sides after going all the way to the basket and continue to opposite wing.
Player 5 sets up at low block.
Player 4 goes to side opposite player on low block.
The offense starts after Player 1 passes to Player 4.
Player 4 passes to Player 2 and cuts to the basket offense will run with Players 4 and 5 now under basket.
Player 4 passes to Player 2 then cuts to lower block opposite side.
Player 5 comes across lane to block on ball side.
Submitted by: Dan Oldham
Category: Secondary break
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