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Playname: St. joe drill
St. Joe's Fast break Drill

Offensive player 1 has ball.

Offensive players 2 and 3 are in lanes on foul line along baseline.

Offensive players 4 and 5 are on outside lane.

Defensive players are at foul line facing the offensive players.

Offensive player 1 starts to dribble basketball, the rest of the offensive players follow lanes for fast break.

Defensive players 4 and 5 must run and touch end line and get back on defense.

There is a 5 on 3 offensive advantage.
Teams play live after shot or turnover the player that shots the ball or turns the ball over moves to the sideline and teams play 5 on 4 the other way.

The defense becomes offense only after they get the ball.

The defense becomes offense and the offense becomes defense.
If shot is taken rebounder must find outlet player to start fast break.

The defense must try to stop fast break.

It is important for a defensive player to attempt to stop advancement of ball.

The drill is run for 4 minutes every day. After 5 on 4 we reset drill back up.

The drill can be changed every day by picking different players or number of players that touch the end line. This will prevent the boredom of the drill.
Submitted by: Dan Oldham
Category: Conditioning
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