Basketball plays and drills
Offense zone
Playname: Swinger
Players start in a 2 guard front set, the 4 and 5 set themselves just outside the key area.

1 passes to 3 opening up the zone.
3 passes back to 1 initiating rotation.

3 cuts though the base receiving screens from 4 and 5.
1 swings the ball  to 2.

After setting the screen 4 flashes to the free throw line waiting for the pass from 2.
2 has the option of passing to 3 in the short corner or 4 at the high post.
4 and 5 can play a high low game if there is no shot from the corner.

3 passes back to 2.

4 returns back to low post.
2 passes to 1,

3 cuts through the base using the screens set by 5 and 4.

5 flashes high looking for the open jumper.
Submitted by: Dom Finlay
Category: Offense zone
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