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Offense zone
Playname: T-game zone
1 can reverse the ball to 2, pass the ball to 5 in the post, or pass the ball to 3 in the corner.
5 goes to the ball.
3 goes to the corner when the ball is on their side.
4 goes to the off-side block when the ball is not on their side.
If 1 passes to 2.
4 moves to the corner.
5 cuts to the ball.
3 moves to the off-side block.
2 looks to pass the ball to 4 in the corner or to 5 in the high post.
If 2 passes to 4.
5 dives to the block.
3 cuts to the high post.
4 looks to pass first to either 3 or 5. If not open 4 will pass the ball out of the corner.
3 and 5 are posting up hard and stay spread apart.
1 is responsible for the off-side rebound.
2 is responsible for being back on defense.
If the ball is passed out of the corner to 2.
2 will first look to pass to either 5 or 3.
5 and 3 are still posting up hard.
1 still has off-side rebounding responsibility.
2 still has back responsibility.
On ball reversal.
3 will go back the way she came back to the corner.
5 cuts hard to the ball.
4 goes to the off-side block to get the off-side rebound.
1 can pass to either 5 at the high post or to 3 in the corner.
On the pass to the corner.
5 will dive to the block.
4 will cut hard to the high post.
Now we have a box overload on the other side of the floor.
If the ball is passed to the high post.
4 looks first at 5 for the high to low pass.
2 will cut to the off-side block.
4 will also look to pass to 2.
Any time the ball is passed to the low post.
The high post, 4, will dive to the off-side block to rebound.
The 5 will look to score. If the defense collapses hard the 5 can pass out.
Submitted by: Ray Kennedy
Category: Offense zone
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