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Offense zone
Playname: Tempo2
This play will be used against a 2-1-2 or 2-3 trapping defense.This is another play like the first tempo play which counters the high energy of such defenses.It is rather complex, but it works exeptionally well.
As 1 dribbles in, he is trapped.
3 comes and sets a pick....

..and rolls away to receive the pass.
3, 2, and 4 work the ball around the perimeter which beats the defense by moving faster than the defenders can.


4 gets the ball while on the other side #5 is getting ready to set a screen.
4 penetrates in and slightly up to the foul line.
3 gives a v-cut to get open and get the ball.
The 5 man is already going to set a screen so that 1 will be open early.
3 gets the ball and 1 comes down off the screen.
1 doesn't even need to take a dribble on this layup.A quick basket discouraged such a good defense.
1 and 4 can rebound after this play.
Submitted by: Nick Liguori
Category: Offense zone
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