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Offense triangle
Playname: Triangle-corner option
The corner option begins as always with the two post men down-screening for the wing players. 2&3 come off the screens out to the their respective wing areas
1 passes to the open wing (who then becomes the "trigger" man). 5 steps up and sets a screen at the elbow for 1 who v-cuts off 5's screen looking for the pass from 2 for a layup. If 1 does not get the ball he v-cuts out to the corner area and 5 remains in the high post elbow area.
3 then replaces 1 at the point position and 4 goes out to the opposite wing area.
Now the triangle offense is established on the right side with 5 in the high-post area, 1 in the corner, and 2 who is the trigger man with the ball - what he does next with the ball will dictate the appropriate offensive movement. 3 has now moved up to the point for defensive protection and 4 has moved out to the weak side wing area.
As previously described in the "Triangle Principles" section, this triangle can also be set up by having 1 dribble to the wing - now 1 becomes the trigger man - and 2 v-cuts down to the corner with 5 going to the high-post elbow area. If 1 is having difficulty passing to the wing, he has this option to dribble to either side to begin the offensive movement.
The corner option then is where 2 passes to 1, 5 then steps up to set a screen on 2's defender, and 2 v-cuts off of 5's screen looking for the pass from 1 for a layup.
If 2 does not get the ball he goes through the lane to the weak side where 4 and 3 are coming down to set a double screen on 2's defender.
5 then steps up to set a screen on 1's defender. 1 dribbles off the screen and has the following options: a) jump shoot, b) pass to 5 rolling to the basket after setting the screen, or c) pass to 2 inside the free throw line coming off the double screen from 4 and 3.
4 and 3 must read what 1 decides to do. If 1, 2, or 5 get the shot then 4 and 3 must CRASH the boards. 2 or 1 must be sure to stay back for defensive protection.
If neither 1, 2 nor 5 get the shot then 4 sets up at the high-post area, 3 moves out to the corner and 2 becomes the wing trigger man. 1 passes to 2 to set up the offense, then goes to the point for defensive protection. Now the triangle has been established on the left side of the floor to begin the offense again. The trigger man, 2, will now control the offensive movement by what he decides to do with the ball.
1 stays at the top of the key and 5 takes the weak side wing position.
Submitted by: Steven Holmes
Category: Offense triangle
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