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Offense triangle
Playname: Triangle-post option
In this example 1 has passed to 3 then cut to the left corner, 4 has taken the high-post position so now the triangle is set up on the left side. 3 is the trigger man and decides to pass the ball to 4 at the high-post.
4 pivots facing the basket in a triple threat position, then has various options:
a) pass to 2 at the basket for a layup, who has received a back-screen from 5 at the right elbow area.
b) jump shoot or drive to the basket.
If 2 does not get the pass he must then move out to a position out to the right of the lower block.
c) pivot back around so your back is to the basket, then make the back-door pass to 1 for a layup who has v-cut to the baseline side. (2 must stay out to the right of the block area to keep his defender away from the basket).
If 1 does not receive the pass from 4 then 1 continues on through the lane and looks for the double screen on the weak side from 2 and 5.
4 can then either:
d) pass back out to 3 on the wing who can then pass to 1 around the free throw line for the open shot, coming off the double screen from 2 and 5. Or.....
e) pass to 1 around the free throw line for the open shot (this may take too long and could result in a 5 second call, so the better option of d and e is probably going to be option d).
If a shot is taken all players except 3 should CRASH the boards. 3 must stay back for defensive protection.
If this doesn't produce a shot then 1 can dribble over to the right wing area, 2 can break out to the corner area, 5 goes to the high-post area, 3 takes the defensive protection area at the top of the key and 4 slides out to the weak side wing.
The triangle has now be re-established on the right side of the floor. 1 is now the trigger man - what he does with the ball will determine the offensive movement.
Submitted by: Steven Holmes
Category: Offense triangle
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