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Offense wheel
Playname: Wheel around center in post
Centers high at the corner of the bucket.
Forwards low wide in the corners of the court.

3 sets screen for 2 who moves to the right block.
- 1 passes the ball to 4 at the pinch post, then flashes to the right corner.

- 3 heads towards left corner.
5 sets a pin down screen for 2 flashing to the top.
- 4 passes the ball to 2.

- 3 sets a screen for 5 who moves to left block.
- 3 flashes to right wing.

- 4 sets a pick for 2.
2 dribbles hard towards left wing.
Three options for 2:
1. Pass into the post.
2. Take the shot if open.
3. If possible, pick & pop with 4.
- If 2 passes into the post, he will cut around 5 towards right corner.

--> This starts a wheel motion with 3 using a screen by 4 to move towards the left wing, while 1 fills the right wing.
Two options for 5:
1. ISO post up.
2. Pass to 3 for a catch & shoot.
Submitted by: Oskar Zuchowski
Categories: Offense wheel, Offense man
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