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Offense wheel
Playname: Wheel offense
1 guard will pass and screen away from ball.

5 will post and look for ball.

After 3 seconds center will slide to other side of key.
3 waits for screen to set and then flashes to free throw line looking for pass.

5 goes through key.

4 slides down key looking for pass.
If neither 4 nor 3 is open.

3 slides up to reset offense.
Ball is passed to 3 and then kicked over to 1.
3 screens away from pass.

5 post strong for 3 count then slides up key.
Or 5 Looks for pass, if no pass 5 will screen across key.

3 Screens away from pass.
4 flash's across key.

2 flashes to free throw line.
4 looks for pass.

2 steps up for reset of offense.
Level 2

4 slides up key.

5 flashes through key.
If 1 guard passes to 2 guard then 3 guard will break to basket.
If 3 guard breaks fast enough 2 will pass a strong bounce pass to 3 so that he can catch the pass and have enough time to shoot.
If 3 is not open 2 will pass the ball to 1 and then 1 will pass to 3 after going through a screen on the baseline.
The 3 will turn up and shoot after pass is received.  

If 3 is not open for the shot or pass the 1 will then back up and reset the offense.
Submitted by: Andy Roosna
Category: Offense wheel
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