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Offense zone
Playname: Zone offense-bc-2-3
BC can be used against any zone, here it is against a 2-3.
On the initial pass from 1 to 2, 5 screens the middle of the zone. 4 cuts to the short corner and 3 dives to the opposite block.
2 reverses the ball to 1, then runs the baseline. On the pass, 4 x-cuts out.
5 looks to screen the middle defender, 3 picks a gap with a x-cut off of 4. 5 continues to the opposite block.
As 1 reverses the ball to 4, 3 slides down the lane to the block.
4 reverses the ball to 2 (2 can be from the wing to the corner).
5 screens the middle of the zone (and opens up to the ball), and 3 cuts to ball side short corner.
4 dives to replace 3 and 1 replaces 4.
If 2 reverses to 1 the same movements and screening occurs as before.
2 runs baseline.
3 x-cuts out.
4 x-cuts off of 3.
5 screens the middle.
1 reverses to 3.
The offense will continue.
4 slides down.
Submitted by: L. Obermayer
Category: Offense zone
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