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Offense zone
Playname: Zone offense x
Play is called X, it is ran against any kind of half court zone.

The one picks a side, the 5 spot comes to the L, another option being the 1 can throw the ball right to the 5 in the middle of the lane.
1 throws the ball to 2.

Two looks for the high post.
If the ball goes to the 5, the player faces the basket and looks for a backdoor pass to 3 or 4 also keeping in mind that the 5 can shoot.
4 and 5 cut back out to keep the offense spread out.
The ball is thrown back from 5 to 2
If the ball is thrown to the 4, the 5 slides down the block posting up, the one slides to the L for the 15 foot jump shot, the 3 is in position for a rebound on the 3pt shot from the 4.
If the ball goes back from 4 to 2 the players react to the places they were in.
When the ball is reversed.

The 5 goes to the outside 3 point line, the 4 goes to the L.

The rest of the play is the same as the opposite side.
Submitted by: Drew Allen
Category: Offense zone
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