Basketball plays and drills
Offense zone
Playname: Zone swing
4 out in 1.

Wings have bumped the baseline.

Point guard passes to strong side wing.
Point guard (1) & cuts to the "short corner"

Trailer forward (4) fills behind 1.
3 looks to pass ball into:
• post (5) in gap of the zone defense or
• into 1 at short corner.

2 takes 4 position.
Short Corner Option 1:

1 will either:
• attack basket or
• pass to 5 flashing to basket.
Post Option:

5 attacks basket:
• score,
• pass to short corner (1) or
• skip pass to weak side guard (2).
Ball Reversal:

3 passes ball around to top of key.

1 base-line cuts & "bumps base-line".
2 Guard passes ball into 1 on wing.

2 does ball cut to short corner.
Post (5) flashes gap in the zone defense.

1 look to pass ball into:
• post (5),
• short corner (2) or
• skip pass to open guard (3) ...
Submitted by: M. Durdin
Category: Offense zone
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