Animated basketball drills
Playname: Defensive slide
This is a defensive drill designed to help young athletes learn the basic footwork for defending a ball handler in the open court.

It begins with two sets of players on opposite sides of the lane.  

On the first whistle, the first two players in each set sprint to the free throw line, turn toward the baseline, and tap their feet until the second whistle.
On the second whistle, the first set of players slide step to the sideline parallel to the arc.

The second set of players follow the first.
On the third whistle, the first set of players slide step to the mid court circle.  

The other sets follow the first.   

This pattern continues until all players make it to the opposite baseline.

This drill can be run continuously from one end to the other.
Drill submitted by: Bob FlinkI
Sub categories: Conditioning, Defense

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