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Playname: 1-4 motion from box set
Play begins in our box set.

4 and 5 drop to the low post and the 2 and 3 run off of their tail to pop out to the wings free throw line extended.
Once the 2 and 3 have popped out the 4 and 5 will return to the high post.  

This will create a 1-4 high set.
1 will make an entry pass to a guard, and then the offside guard will sprint to the ball side dead corner.
Once 1 has made an entry pass the 4 will come up and set a back pick for the 1 who cuts all the way to the rim.  

This is our first look with a lob pass to the 1 from the three.  If this is not available the one will pop out to the wing.
Once the 1 returns to the wing we are looking from a very quick ball reversal, or skip pass from the three to the 1.  

This will give us an overload on the strong side, but once the ball is reversed will cause an isolation situation with the point guard.  
This will be our second scoring opportunity.  If at all possible we want the point guard to attack the rim.
If the isolation for the point guard is not available then the 5 will set a screen for the 3 who cuts to the basket.  

Once the three cuts off the 5's shoulder the 4 will come down and set a screen for the 5 who pops out to the top of the key.  (We tell our kids that the 5 man gives a screen then gets a screen).
If the 1 cannot pass to the 3 he will reverse the ball to the 5.  

The three will come back and fill in the high post and the 2 will move up to free throw line extended.
Now we are in the same 1-4 high set that we were when the play began.  

This is a continuity offense so once the ball is reversed to the 5 the play will continue following the same steps as before.
Play submitted by: Jason Faulkner
Sub categories: Offense man, Offense

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