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Playname: Bullets point through
Jerry Nicholson-Winnetka Bullets
Winnetka Bullets, Los Angeles Ca

Bullets Point Through Zone Offense

We use this offense against all Zones.  

It was specifically designed to attack a two guard front.  

1 pass to 3 on weak side.
4 jumps to the ball side elbow.
1 basket cuts behind 4.
1 moves to the corner if he does not get the ball.
2 moves to a diagonal position for a skip pass.
3 looks to hit 1 cutting in the lane.
4 dives to the block as 1 clears lane.
5 flashes to the high post as 4 clears.
2 steps to the mid lane for weak side rebounding.
3 looks to hit 4 diving to block.
3 looks to hit 5 flashing through the lane.
3 looks to hit 2 stepping to the mid lane area behind the defense or on a long diagonal skip pass.    
If no inside pass is open:
3 pass to 1.
3 cuts to basket and continues to opposite block.
4 jumps to short corner to clear out for 3.
2 pinches in to the middle lane area.
If the inside game is taken away this is an excellent three point shot for 1.  
The three is a primary part of our offense.
1 looks to hit 3 cutting.
1 can hit 4 and 4 looks to hit 3 cutting.
4 can also look for 2 opposite side of lane.
4 jumps back to the block as 3 clears.
1 dribbles out to wing if no one is open inside.
2 pops to top of the key as 1 arrives at the wing - timing is critical here.  If 2 arrives early the reverse pass will not be open.  
5 jumps to the center as 2 arrives at the top.
1 pass to 2 as 2 arrives at the top of the key.
The three point shot here is a primary part of the offense.  
3 hesitates to see if 2 shoots a 3 point shot.
3 pops out to the wing if 2 does not shoot.
2 pass to 3 on weak side.
5 jumps to the ball side elbow.
Submitted by: Jerry Nicholson-Winnetka Bullets
Categories: Offense zone, Offense
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