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Out of bounds baseline
Playname: Baseline out of bounds 091
Baseline out of bounds - Act u16 baseline out of bounds

Your best passer takes the ball out of bounds and signifies start of play by slapping the ball.

Your centre should be opposite the ball, on the baseline.  Power forward is the other baseline.  

Small forward (who is good at cutting) is ballside high.  Off guard (good 3pt shooter) is weakside high.

First screen:  Centre up screens for small forward
2nd screen: Power forward the "screens the screener" - screening for centre
Power forward balances to the ballside short corner and centre steps into the post.
Off guard moves to release position ballside - and looks for the ball.
1 passes to 4
After inbounding, point moves into court off screen from small forward.  Point can either curl to middle of key or cut to wing for reversal.
Submitted by: Michael Haynes
Categories: Out of bounds baseline, Offense
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