Basketball plays and drills
Offense motion
Playname: Inside motion
All players fill the spots as indicated
This may be used as transition
1 may pass to wing and cut for lay up if this happens 1 becomes the post player and 5 is the point
this offence allowes all players to play inside and on the outside so it dose not matter who starts in what spot as long as all are filled .
1 pass to 2 and set a down screen for 4
4 cuts high look for the ball and then look at the options available .
1 wiil exchange with 5 looking for inside seals
1 may dribble entry 2 will then down screen for 4 an it runs as normal
This offence is designed to allowed players to read the defence and make decisions
On ball reversal [pass to point ]
Insice players will back screen for wing players
4 pass to 5 and screens away
wing players must look to feed the post players
this offence works well against both zone and man to man
Againist a zone the post cutter must stop at the foul line
If the post recives the ball the screener will re screen so we get a cut down the middle for a lay up
Submitted by: Niall Quinn
Category: Offense motion
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